Personal Resilience Skills Programme (PRSP)

In an ever changing, demanding, environment staff working in children and young people services are required, to manage challenging situations effectively, be able to deal with setbacks and to make the most of opportunities. If we are to work more efficiently with less resource then we must invest in the staff providing front line services in order to retain them and give them the tools to carry out their functions and responsibilities to the highest standard. Building emotionl resilience skills and competency will contribute to high quality, appropriately trained workforce. Staff with resilience skills can support children, young people and their parents to make effective decisions based on accurate and flexible thinking to enable them to reach their full potential.

The Personal Resilience Skills Programme has been designed specifically for staff working with children and young people and is based on the highly regarded Penn Resilience Programme training with the following learning outcomes

  • Explore the concept of ‘resilience’.
  • Consider the approach to developing ‘resilience’ in the context of latest Psychological thinking and the challenges facing staff working with children, young people and families.
  • Develop a deep understanding of ‘resilience’ as a way of enhancing the well-being.
  • Explore your own ‘resilience’ and how to enhance it by applying the 7 core resilience skills to real challenges.

The 3 day course is for adults supporting and working with children, young people and wider families. It is facilitated by the How to Thrive training team who have a deep understanding of the under pinning concepts and theory and the training is led by a University of Pennsylvania Lead Trainer.

This 3 day programme will not enable staff to teach the PRP to young people. If you want to be able to teach the PRP to young people you need to attend a further 2 days training – see Penn Resilience Programme Teacher Training. [/spoiler]